Competition success

CONGRATULATIONS to Chichester branch member Valerie McCallum, who has won the Valerie Campbell-Harding machine embroidery prize in the national Embroiderers’ Guild competition, Tree Rhythms.

She has written about her piece of work entitled ‘Say No to Fracking’

I entered the Embroidery Guild “Tree Rhythm” competition thinking it would be a good subject to enable me to express my concern at the talk of fracking in different areas of the country and the possible damage to our woodlands that may follow these fracking processes. 

While researching for a previous project I studied the Assyrian palace sculptures at the British Museum; the stylised trees stood out as something I could develop and base a piece of work on. The process began with making printing blocks of the trees. Then I  printed onto   white cotton. My idea was to limit the colour to give more impact. The work was constructed using free machine embroidery and hand stitching. After constructing the small trees I used the machine to attach to fine silk then applique for the larger trees.

After completing the work I found it difficult to take my scissors to it and slash through it to cause a scar. I feel that fracking could cause untold damage to the environment.


Valerie's prize-winning entry on display at the national AGM

Valerie’s prize-winning entry on display at the national AGM






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