The winner of our branch ‘Muriel Morsley’ award competition which I reported on in July was put forward to the South East Region Coats competition judged at the AGM on 27th September 2014.

The competition was entitled “A Card From the Front” , it was about the silk postcards bought as souvenirs by the troops or sent, by military post, back home. The first such postcards were seen at the Paris Exhibition of 1900 and called Stevengraphs. However, they became popular during the WWI. They were made by local French and Belgian women, who hand embroidered on silk gauze, usually in multiples of the same design. As demand increased machines (in the home) were used and finally production moved to factories. An estimated 26 million cards were made.

For this years Coats competition entrants were asked to make a card inspired by these simple expressions of love and patriotism. They could be from any conflict which has involved British Troops and use any type of embroidery, but should convey a simple message.

The winning entry was judged to be by LIZ ELLIS (CHICHESTER BRANCH MEMBER). Our congratulations to Liz!

The winning entry is shown below:-

Liz Ellis : For the fallen 

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