February – Fleur Oakes

At the February meeting we held a welcome coffee morning for all our new members. The Committee introduced themselves and attempted to give the new members a flavour of what we are about and how we operate. Susan, our Chairman, summed it up by welcoming everyone and  saying the best way to get the most out of the branch was to join in. (with workshops, general requests and by taking your turn on the washing up rota – a great way to meet people!).

In the afternoon, our speaker was Fleur Oakes – “Embroidered Corsets, stump work and beyond”

Susan (on the right) welcomes Fleur to the meeting

Susan (on the right) welcomes Fleur to the meeting

Fleur spoke about her work – from her early days up to her current work. We sat entranced as she talked us through her fashion and fine arts background, her corsetry, out of which grew her stump work, into which came her love of needle-lace.

Then the afternoon became surreal as Fleur described how she is making the first thousand digits of Pi out of needle-lace, the difficulty of representing zero in stitch, and how obviously the work will twist on the small numbers!!

Fleur passed round some of her tiny exhibits of needle lace, ranging from a decaying poppyseed head to an unfurling bracken frond, they were exquisite and mind-blowing!

A truly mesmerising afternoon – we were in the presence of a genius needlework mind!

Fleur's corsets

Fleur’s corsets

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