April Meeting – Anne Moore

Anne Bartlett and Helen Brindle led our well attended morning session (for members only) and showed us how to make ‘spider’ brooches. There was some discussion as to whether we were producing spiders or sea urchins but we all enjoyed the session, especially as  our ‘whirls’ of colour could be produced to the accompaniment of a satisfying level of chatter!
In the afternoon Anne Moore gave us an inspiring and humourous talk on the topic ‘How did I get here?’ She started by showing us her first effort at embroidery at the age of four and talked us through her journey with a number of colourful slides, as well as showing us examples from the display of fascinating items laid out on the tables in front. She described what she called ‘happy accidents’ along the way; how she developed ways of printing on her fabrics – she admitted she liked using potato cuts, how she experimented with various dyes and paints and how, during her City and Guilds course, she was drawn towards buildings and architecture.
She also enjoyed using ‘found objects’ in her designs; garden string, driftwood, polystyrene beads – anything to help her creativity and to be incorporated into her finished designs.
Her talk draw a lot of laughs!
Anne Moore's colourful display

Anne Moore’s colourful display


CIMG0056 CIMG0060
During Anne’s workshop the following day members used photos of their houses as inspiration for creating pictures of their homes using dyed fabrics and machine stitching. The pictures were then used as decoration for a book cover. We look forward to a display of lovely completed book covers at the members’ meeting next month – watch this space !
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