July Meeting – Christine Chester

Our morning session was run by Caroline Hibbs who demystified couching and knotting for us. It was a very well attended session and thoroughly enjoyable – lots of new ideas to play with!


The afternoon session started off on a high – with the announcement of our recent success at Stitchfest, wining the regional competition with our Alice entry. Susan presented Ros with some red roses and thanked her for her master-minding our branch entry. It was also good to hear that over forty individual members took part – what a talented bunch of members we have. The cup for the first prize has now spent four out of the last five years here in Chichester!!


Our afternoon speaker was Christine Chester who gave us a fascinating talk about textiles as art – when is a quilt a quilt and when is it an art quilt? Does an art quilt go on the bed or on a wall? Is it art or craft? etc.It was a very well argued talk with lots of fascinating history of both embroidery and quilting and certainly left us with plenty of things to think about.



The next day 13 members took a workshop with Christine – all about paper lamination. This is basically a process  by which one can transfer the print ink from an image or some text onto some fabric, either transparent or solid. It was a fascinating workshop – with lots of good demonstrations, fantastic samples to look at and we all worked incredibly hard to have lots of attempts at exploring the process of paper lamination and seeing how we could use it in our own work.

Infact your intrepid reporter was so busy that I have to apologise for the quality of the photographs – they really do not do the day justice at all, but I was too involved to stop (apologies!!)



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