January 2016 – Things my Mother never taught me!

The Morning

Our first meeting of 2016 saw a very busy morning session as over a third of the membership attended to hear our Chairman outline the meeting she & the committee had had in early January with Terry Murphy (CEO) regarding the Guild’s Consultation Exercise. Lots of constructive and supportive words from our members (thank you) and lots of food for thought. The Committee are going to reply to the Consultation document and individual members are encouraged to do likewise – it is a consultation paper, HQ have asked us what we  think, so please do tell them.

More details can be found on the national Guild web-site.

The Afternoon

Sue Clark : Things my Mother never taught me.

IMG_1723The hall was even more busy in the afternoon as members sat fascinated by one of our own! Sue Clark has been a member for 18 years and she talked us through the development of her stitch, from the practical “make it if you need it, mend it if it needs it, don’t make it if you don’t need it” approach of her Mother to her beautiful silk paper sculptures and beyond.

It was a true delight – and the concept of Sue’s travel embroideries capturing the essence of the many delightful places she has visited on her travels puts holiday photography into a completely different light.

It went by all too quickly, as is evidenced by the queue at the tables at the front of the hall to view Sue’s many and varied works which she so generously shared with us.


Some members are doing a silk paper workshop with Sue – I look forward to bringing you news of the results next month.

What an uplifting start to the New Year! Thanks.



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