March 2016 : Helen Richman – The use of British wild-life in English hand embroidery

Our March meeting started with Sandra Rudduck leading the members’  morning session with an introduction to feather stitch and all its variations – a very well attended and enjoyable session. Many thanks to Sandra.

The regional challenge work is progressing very well indeed – thanks to everyone who has contributed, still more needed, so please keep those needles moving!!

Our speaker at 2pm was Helen Richman, a RSN graduate and tutor and member of the Somerset guild of craftsmen.

Helen took us on tour of English embroidery from the middle ages up to the present day, showing us various examples of how embroiderers through the ages have been inspired by Mother Nature and the rich flora and fauna that surrounds us all. It was a fascinating talk, and as an aside, interesting to note that when the first emblem or motif pattern books came into use, one of the offerings was a Leopard, how difficult would it have been to embroider an animal of which one had no cognisance at all? (It did lead to some interesting problems of scale with leopards as small as squirrels!!)

A very informative and enjoyable talk, beautifully illustrated and well-researched – we all appreciated it, even the die-hard machine embroiderers amongst us!!

A select band of members is doing a workshop with Helen  – photographs to follow…………….

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