Chichester Member wins national competition


Diana Roberts, a Chichester member,  is the winner of the National Embroiderers’ Guild “Looking Through” competition.

She has won TWO categories. She is not only the overall winner of the Constance Howard award for the most outstanding piece, but in addition to this achievement, Diana was also awarded first place in the Beryl Dean award for hand stitching.

 Her stunning piece is  based on “looking through” the Barbara Hepworth sculpture at Snape Maltings, Suffolk, towards Iken Church across the reed bed  (one of a series of six Hepworth Sculptures).

Through e-mail

In Diana’s words :-

“I call it free stitch sewing as it is not intended to be beautiful satin stitch etc. but I am trying to use stitch in a painterly fashion.

I was inspired to do work like this partly from watching a TV programme and seeing someone doing portraits using stitch instead of paint and partly wanting to work in an individual way with material and threads. I am not into machine stitching nor using all the amazing, but baffling, materials that can be stuck, cut, heated, etc. etc.   I enjoy experimenting with just thread on material and how the colours work together and the light reflects on the stitches themselves. 

I paint in oils using a palette knife. These paintings are quick and bold, so this is the perfect antidote as it is slow, very detailed and quite often undone and done again!  

I think, I took about 300 hours over three months to finish this particular work, but I never count accurately, as it is too depressing! It was a winter’s project and I very much enjoyed doing it and hope you will enjoy looking at it too.”

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