May 2016 – Janice Gunner

Our May Meeting was well attended, with the morning session splitting into three groups; The Regional Challenge, The Novium project and “independent stitch and chat”!!

Next month we should get our first glimpse of the Regional Challenge in all its glory – judging by some of its constituent parts it is going to be amazing. The June meeting will also be the last opportunity for work for the Admiral Murray project at the Novium to be handed in.

The afternoon saw a fascinating talk by Janice Gunner, entitled “Pastime to Profession”. Using an enormous pile of quilts (I’m sure that there is a better collective noun to describe a large quantity of quilts! Reader’s suggestion: A hotbed of quilts??)  Janice took us on a voyage of discovery from her first quilt in the late 1970’s right up to her most recent work. It was fascinating to see how her work has changed over the years – if somewhat humbling to view such a vast body of work, perhaps she inhabits a different time continuum? Tomorrow there is a workshop on crazy curved log cabin – we look forward to seeing the results!

Talking of results, here are a few more photographs of work from last month’s Lara Sparks’ workshop





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