Novium Museum

Some members of the branch have been involved in producing a piece of work for an exhibition at the Novium museum in  Chichester.

Here it is in situ:

IMG_6291and here are a few detailed close-ups:

The notes accompanying the exhibit explain its context and relevance:-

Embroidery was popular in the 18th century particularly on clothing. Embroidered waistcoats for men were prized in the latter part of the century.

Embroidery was carried out on a commercial scale but also at home by middle and upper class women. We can think of Admiral Sir George Murray’s wife and other naval wives sitting embroidering at home during those long months and years whilst there menfolk were away.

These samples were worked by members of the Chichester branch of the Embroiderers’ Guild. They show embroidery in the style of work done in the second half of the 18th century when silk began to be used more, replacing wool and large oversized flowers were replaced by more the more delicate symmetrical floral designs. Gold and silver metallic threads were also used.

The samples include an anchor worked in goldwork in modern metallic gold threads. It is padded to give dimension and includes laid and chip work. The other embroidery is worked in stranded cotton on silk dupion, using a delicate palette of colours. The stitches used include stem stitch, detached chain and satin stitch.

For more information – see the website of the Novium museum, Chichester


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