September 2016 -Mark Wallis

Our September meeting felt like a midsummer event, with very high temperatures and beautiful sunshine, but despite the incredibly warm weather there was a very high attendance.

The morning session was a chance for members to do their own work and catch up on the summer’s events! A number of members brought in work to show us. It is always great to see what everyone has been up to so please do continue to do this. This month some sketchbooks were brought in which were particularly apposite as we have all just received a sketchbook as part our 30th anniversary celebrations.


The talk at 2pm was by Mark Wallis, Managing Director of Past Pleasures, the company which is responsible for the costumed interpretation at the Historic Royal Palaces (Hampton Court and the Tower of London to name a couple!) amongst other things.

Mark soon had us spellbound – he gave us a quick outline of life as a Georgian, the parallels of the Hanoverian Kings and the present day were not lost on us. He had a great selection of witty quotes from contemporary sources which were highly amusing. However I have to be honest, for me the main attraction was the fact that not only had he brought a number of pieces from his large collection of original men’s clothing to show us, but he was also more than happy for us to pore over them and for them to be gently taken around the room for closer inspection. The hall was full of appreciative noises and whispered discussions and sadly the afternoon passed all too quickly. I have a few photographs of selection of the articles to share with you, I apologise for the resolution on some of them, but at least it reminds those of you who were present of some of the delights and it shows those of you who were absent what  a treat you missed!

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