December 2016 – Christmas Party

The members enjoyed a delicious ‘Bring and Share’ lunch and were surprised when being served with their tea and coffee to receive a copy of a ‘Letter to Santa’! Everyone soon discovered that inspired by the hard work of the membership during the year, the Committee had written to Santa to ask if he could mark their achievements in some way.

The sound of sleigh bells was heard heralding the arrival of a reply to the letter. It became apparent that Santa’s elves had been very busy making little Christmas Tree decorations. Being aware that the elves sewing skills were not of the highest standard, Santa said that he hoped to enrol them in the Young Embroiderers.

Each table received a stocking and on investigation discovered a varied collection of items and it was soon discovered that there were 12 trees, 11 baubles, 10 candles, 9 bells…….. at this point everyone felt a seasonal song coming on!

dscf2309dscf2304The rafters of the Lavant Memorial Hall rang with the members’ magnificent singing! A wonderful way to celebrate the festive season.

Many thanks to everyone for contributing to such an enjoyable occasion!



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