Our Clothkits Scrapbag Challenge



At the January Branch meeting, Kay from Clothkits inspired us all with her enthusiasm and drive.  As an aside, she asked us to consider a Clothkits Scrapbag Challenge to raise money for a charity of our choice.

We have decided to take up this challenge and hope that you will want to take part.

We all know someone who has benefited from the excellent care give by St. Wilfrid’s Hospice and they are currently raising funds to build and equip the new Hospice at Bosham.  All monies raised from this challenge will be given to the Hospice.

The Challenge:

  • Clothkits are donating to us packs of high quality fabrics
  • At the Feb 13th  meeting, these packs will be available at a nominal cost of £5 per pack – your cash donation to the Hospice
  • Please sign up with your name and e-mail or phone.  See Sue Clark or Jenny Beard.
  • Your challenge will be to make a saleable item or items using part or all of the pack with the addition of any other fabrics & trimmings.
  • Lots of ideas and examples will be on display for your inspiration.
  • Made items should be brought back to the April 10th meeting where they will be labelled and priced.
  • Only items incorporating fabric from the scrapbag will be accepted, not items previously made.
  • This challenge is only open to members of Chichester Embroiderers’ Guild.

A sale of this work, All Sewn Up, will be held on Saturday 29th April at Draper’s Yard next to Clothkits, 16 The Hornet, Chichester from 9.30am to 5pm, where Kay has given us selling space at no cost.

Any unsold items will be returned to the maker at the May Meeting. Any questions?   Please email Sue Clark on barnworks@talktalk.net

Here’s a sample of what the fabrics in your scrap pack might look like:-


The fabric samples.. yes…they are a challenge,  but in the photographs below you can see some beautiful ideas members have had .  Do feel you can  use  any other fabrics and trimmings you may have.  The fabric samples have a little sticky label which peels off easily but leaves a sticky residue.  I have found the simplest way to get rid of it is to protect your iron and ironing board with baking parchment and using a scrap bit of cotton fabric iron over the stickiness.  It either gets absorbed into the scrap cotton fabric or the material, either way it means you can use the whole rectangle.

Here’s some examples of the kinds of things that you can make:-


dsc05300dsc05305dsc05306dsc05307dsc05308dsc05309dsc05310dsc05311I have to say a big thank you to Clothkits  who are thrilled to be involved in this project , have given us the fabrics, tables for the sale and offered any help we need.  They are also using their huge contact list for publicity.   The hospice too are delighted with what we are doing and are also helping with their contacts for publicity.

In  these grey days …have some fun stitching.  To reiterate you can make anything and everything , you can include  other fabrics, card or trimmings but it must include some of the fabric from your scrapbag.

If anything is finished do bring into the March branch meeting …we would love to see it


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