June 2017 Alice Steer – spinning a yarn weaving a story

The June meeting started with a morning stitching session where members worked on their own projects and chatted happily.

The lucky people who had attended the workshop with Jean Littlejohn last month brought in their work for us to look at  – what a wonderful set of results!


The speaker at 2pm was Janet Steer, with a talk entitled “spinning a yarn weaving a story”.


Janet came to textiles relatively late in life after a career in medicine and anatomy. She acquired the “bug” and completed parts 1 & 2 of her City & Guilds followed by a degree in Stitched Textiles at Eastleigh College.

She described how she arrived at her final degree piece and beyond, showing us the influences which ranged from her microscope slides and the fibonacci series, to the art of the Dada-ists, Alighiero Boetti, the theory of chance,  the sculpture of Peter Randall Page and her love of landscape and long mountain walks.

Making fabric by spinning paper (in particular maps) and then making meaningful (or by chance) linear embroidered lines has produced a spectacular body of unique and interesting work. For us, it was a pleasure to listen to Janet’s “journey” and understand the thought processes and see the development of her work.


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