November 2017 – Wendy Dolan

It was a pleasure to welcome Wendy Dolan back. She had brought with her copies of her latest book entitled ‘Layer, Paint and Stitch’ and based her talk around this theme. She showed us how layering various strips of white and off-white fabric onto a backing piece, before stitching and then painting it, provided a pleasing multi toned and textured background on which to stitch a design, using both hand and machine embroidery She handed round samples of her work at different stages, showing how the paint was absorbed by the layered fabrics in different ways.
Wendy also treated us to slides of some of her commissions. There were murmurs of astonished appreciation at seeing the delicate and intricate machine embroidered lace on her daughter’s wedding dress. She then moved on to show us the detailed and colourful Millennium wall hanging she had created for Ashridge Management Development College, which depicted historical features in and around the college, and finally two large stage curtains designed specifically for two of the Royal Caribbean cruise liners.
All in all, hers was a most enjoyable talk and a number of lucky members were looking forward to her workshop the following day.
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