The latest BRANCH NEWSLETTER is reproduced below. The latest REGIONAL NEWSLETTER (SEE The News) dated DECEMBER 2017 is also reproduced at the end of  this section.


Chichester Embroiderer’s Guild Newsletter April 2018 

9th April – Morning session-members to complete their own work.

Afternoon session – Tall Stories and Travellers’ Tales Maggie Grey


There is no workshop this month. Barbara Shepherd will be taking bookings for Fay Maxwell’s ‘Usual Stitches, Unusual Threads’ on the 22nd May.


Branch Exhibition – All Stitched Up

A reminder the branch exhibition will take place at the Oxmarket in Chichester, preview 17th September and full exhibition 18th – 23rd September 2018, full details to follow. Ros Woodhead has kindly agreed to coordinate the exhibition, so if you would like to help support the exhibition in a practical way, please talk to Ros or a committee member about what needs to be done and please begin to work on items for the exhibition.


National News

You should have received your copy of Contact 46 by March 1st. If not please contact EG. There is an article in this issue about the Branch Hospice project from last year. See beneath this newsletter for a briefing from HQ on the implications of the new Data Protection Directive.


Regional News

Regional Art Van Go Workshop – Colour and Stuff 28th April 2018, Bellside Village Hall, Cobham £30- fully booked.

Summer school – 15th– 17th June 2018 at Roffey Park Institute, Horsham, West Sussex. Details on Regional website and noticeboard.

Regional Day – 14th July 2018 Village Hall, Blenchingly, Surrey. The brief for the Branch Competition at the Regional Day. Fantasy Wear – Create a fantasy fashion accessory e.g. a belt, bag, hat, headdress, collar, weapon, gauntlet, shawl etc. based on myth, legend or fiction from the past or future. Branches may make one item which has several elements to it, or a number of items on the same theme, whichever the branch chooses to make, the finished entry must sit within the 50 x 50 cms (and be no more than 100 cms high) table top area or be able to be hung on a wall in a maximum space of 50 cms x 100 cms. With the extra work of the exhibition this year and the smaller committee, we will not be leading a branch response, but would support members who wish to work together on this.

Regional AGM 22nd September 2018 – Village Hall, Warnham, West Sussex. Members competition ‘Nature in a Jar’ YE competition ‘Bugs in a Jar’



For more details, visit From the 18th April until December 2018 a new exhibition ‘Animals in Embroidery’, featuring silk shading, gold work and everything in between will be running. Again tickets must be pre booked via the website above.

Susan Shafrir a former member, now living in Israel will be exhibiting at The Oxmarket, dates 7th-21st May 2018 in the Wilson Studio rooms. She would like to extend to you all an invitation to come along and meet her and see the unusual topic of Bioethics. More details on the noticeboard.

World Textile Day South East 14th April 2018, 10 am – 4.30 pm East Horsley Village Hall, Kingston Ave, East Horsley, Leatherhead, Surry, KT24 6QT (usually held in Wickham, but not this year)


Embroidery Now – Winchester based workshops run by RSN tutors see for details of classes offered.


Please see the noticeboard for details of a Japanese Bead Embroidery class in Alton in October 2018.


Please remember this is your newsletter, thank you to the members who have contributed this month. If you wish to add any information, please email this to Angela Easton at least 10 days before the next meeting. Thank you.



HQ BRIEFING : General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

A Briefing for Members of the Guild

The law about Data Protection changes on 25th May. This will affect how Embroiderer’s Guild (HO, Regions and Branches) deals with your data. We are required to take action to be in compliance with the new GDPR law. The law affects personal data. This means information that can be used to help identify an individual, such as your name, photograph, postal and email address, and phone number.

The new legislation requires us to tell you…

  • What personal data the Guild HQ keeps; why it keeps it; where it keeps it; who has access to it; how it is protected; and for how long it is stored. We will always inform you about what information we require and what we use it for.
  • The information we need to have to run the membership scheme.
  • The information we would like to have to give you a personalised membership experience.
  • How you can see and update your personal information and how you can have your data removed or archived if you leave the Guild and do not wish to buy any of its products. See ‘EG Privacy Policy’.
  • Any circumstances when your data must be shared with, or seen by, other organisations, for example for magazine subscriptions.
  • Our policy about sharing or selling your personal information. We don’t!
  • What personal information needed by your branch committee or by volunteers running a project. They must tell you what information they need, where it will be kept, who has access to it, how it is protected and how long it will be kept.
  • What personal information needed by your regional committee or by volunteers running a project. They must tell you what information they need, where it will be kept, who has access to it, how it is protected and how long it will be kept.
  • That we will never get information about you from any third parties.
  • That we will only use your information for research purposes with your permission.

Changes that will involve us all:

  • We are increasing our data security to meet the new standards.
  • We will ask you to create a new personal password when we introduce the new data security.
  • We will ask you to check the accuracy of your personal information that we have.
  • We will ask you to tell us what would like us to do to give you a more personal service.
  • Whenever HQ, your region or your branch ask you for information they will tell you what/why/where/who/how and how long.
  • No one will assume you have given permission for your information to be kept or kept or processed by others. You will be asked to give your express permission.
  • HQ will appoint a Data Controller to check that all those who have access to your information do so according to the law.
  • HQ will also have a Data Protection Officer (DPO) who will review how all concerned deal with your data to make sure that all comply with the new law.
  • Region and Branch committees will be asked to seek a volunteer who will help everyone with the changes that will need to be made.
  • Branch Officers are asked to do a practical audit of all personal information kept by anyone at your branch and to make changes to comply with the new law.
  • Branch membership lists will only contain essential information. Any other information will only be shared on a ‘need to know’ basis.
  • Printouts of information containing personal data will only be made if absolutely necessary.
  • Digests and programmes will contain less personal information because these are printed and so it is very difficult to make sure that all are destroyed when no longer needed.
  • Branch and Regional Officers will be encouraged to use email addresses linked to their job titles. For example, This will remove the need for people to use their personal email addresses.
  • Personal data must be held on password protected PC/Laptops and not on USB sticks or CD/DVDs.

Changes you are urged to make:

  • We strongly recommend that you take extra care with personal information by changing your password at least twice a year.
  • We strongly recommend that you never leave your PC/laptop connected to the internet when you are not using the device.
  • No longer keep back copies of branch member lists and other documents that contain personal data. Please delete or destroy all out-of-date branch lists and email exchanges etc asap.

Changes the Guild will make:

  • The trustees and staff will conduct an audit of current data handling, storage and retention practice and make changes as necessary to comply with the new legislation. Revised data handling practices will be summarised and published on the members’ side of the Guild website.

More information:

More information on this new legislation and what it will mean to you, your branch, region and Guild HQ can be found on the public pages and members’ side of the Guild website. This includes Embroiderers’ Guild policies on ‘Privacy’; Acceptable Usage’; ‘Retention’ and ‘Cookies’.


The latest REGIONAL NEWSLETTER (SEE The News) dated  DECEMBER 2017 is reproduced below


Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 21.47.44
 Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 21.46.52
Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 21.47.03
Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 21.47.22

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